Dishwasher Water Tap On or Off Light Issue Solved

Are you looking for a solution for the dishwasher water tap on or off light issue? Occasionally, when the dishwasher is turned on or off, you will see that the water tap light is illuminated or flashing. This is because the water supply has a problem and is not entering the appliance in the right direction.

dishwasher water tap on or off

However, do not panic, this problem may be caused by various factors, and you may be able to resolve it on your own. Before starting, unplug the best dishwasher under 300 from the mains.

Dishwasher Water Tap On or Off Light Issue

We suggest the following checks be performed once the dishwasher is turned off. Before applying each check, please check to make sure the light on the water tap icon is no longer on.

A common problem occurs when the dishwasher’s rear water intake hose becomes kinked or clogged. The dishwasher needs to be reconnected carefully, making sure the hoses themselves do not become twisted or misplaced.

  • It is recommended that you check the pressure and the amount of water entering the dishwasher if all of the hoses were in the correct position.
  • It is important to close the water intake, remove the hose, and place a container to be sure the speed of water is 10 liters per minute.
  • This will allow you to confirm that the dishwasher fills with the correct amount of water.

When done, close it and put back the hose.

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It may be that the tap is very old and not well connected resulting in the dishwasher not filling water, causing the pilot light to light up warning you that the dishwasher needs attention.

  • In the event, none of the above has caused the water tap to turn off the light, check that the water inlet hose has clean filters.
  • To clean it, you can get the filters off and place them under the faucet, or you can set the hose under the faucet directly where the water inlet is located to remove any accumulated dirt which could be obstructing the flow.

Furthermore, we instruct you to check to see that there is nothing blocking the dishwasher’s connection to the drain.

  • When a dishwasher’s brand new there may be a safety plug that holds back water and prevents the flow of water from entering the dishwasher.
  • If the dishwasher hasn’t been used for several months, the water level will usually drop after the plug comes out.
  • When all of the above has been completed, the water tap pilot will continue to operate. Make sure the water pump isn’t blocked.
  • Pumps are located usually beneath dishwasher filters. For removal, use a teaspoon.

Please use protective gloves when you inspect the outlet for debris that may prevent it from functioning properly.

Final Words

Keep in mind that if you want your beloved dishwasher to function well, then you must do periodic cleaning of it. Make sure that each and every part is cleaned and good to work. Also, don’t overuse it as most of the time, they get a lot of issues due to over-usage. We hope you got your solution for the dishwasher tap on or off light issue.

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