Dishwasher Brands To Avoid in 2021 [Don’t Buy, Stay Away]

There are many best dishwasher brands in the market that produce top-rated dishwashers at affordable prices. But there are also some brands which should be avoided by the consumers due to their low quality and expensive products. There are many dishwasher brands to avoid and in this article, we will talk about them in detail.

dishwasher brands to avoid

Dishwasher Brands To Avoid


It should be expected that you will have to get a repair call sooner rather than later and you will probably need to replace your machine sooner too.

The study also revealed shockingly low-reliability results from Electrolux machines, as well as that they had the least satisfied customers who were both unhappy with their purchase and its customer service.

Therefore, Consumer Reports has stated that they cannot honestly recommend people to purchase an Electrolux.


As a popular refrigerator and freezer manufacturer, Viking is commonly viewed as a mainstream brand. The dishwasher line could use some updating, though.

In spite of Yale Appliance’s claims that Viking is one of the most reliable brands on the market, Consumer Reports listed Viking among the least reliable.

However, it looks as if Viking’s reliability issues are not just about this at this point. Viking owners are also commonly stated to have a sense of disappointment after making a purchase.


It seems like Miele missed the mark with dishwashers, though the brand, generally, is seen as high-quality. Approximately 20 percent of all Miele units had to be called for service sessions in the first year of ownership, according to the research conducted by Yale Appliance. We don’t know if Miele had a bad year or if it was due to a specific model.

As of late, Miele has also been getting a lot of irate calls from customers. You might have to wait a while to receive support if you wanted it.

Despite that, Miele’s washers still last longer than most other washers, even if you need repairs on occasion.


A lot of our readers gave JennAir mixed reviews. A lot of people don’t believe in their own reliability, although some just can’t stand it. As a result, we selected reports backed up by hard data.

A study conducted by Yale Appliances showed that 38.3 percent of JennAir dishwashers ordered from the company needed servicing and repair after one year.

JennAir was named the most unreliable washer brand by the study. This is a major no-no, as over a third of customers reported problems within a year.


Yes, you read it right. We can all identify a name that we know best when it comes to the worst dishwasher brand: Samsung. There’s no denying that Samsung makes a lot of high-tech gadgets, including smart fridges and phones. The quality of work usually associated with this brand is virtually unmatched. Their best dishwashers under 1000, however, aren’t as efficient.

According to Consumer Reports, Samsung’s problem is reliability. A ‘poor’ rating was given to it by the publisher, noting that it was the lowest rating they could possibly attain. You wouldn’t expect something like this from Samsung.

Why You Should Avoid These Dishwasher Brands?

Shop for dishwashers on Amazon. They’re everywhere and there are so many brands you never heard of. And they’re cheap! Are these nameless companies safe to purchase from?

Saving money is a good thing, but it isn’t wise. Do you know why they aren’t branded? Why don’t they get their name out there since they claim they are so good?

One of the major disappointments with these aftermarket dishwashers or any other electronic devices is that the manufacturer doesn’t stand behind their product.

Their goal is to make some quick money. There will be no indication of their presence when your dishwasher starts malfunctioning. So, it is better to buy from reliable dishwasher brands and to avoid these brands.

Final Words

These were some of the dishwasher brands to avoid. Whenever you’re purchasing the best portable dishwasher, make sure that it is from a reputed and trusted brand.


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